How you can give and support OUR Church

The idea of giving is found throughout the Scripture. The practice of “giving” back to God can be seen from the very beginning of time when Abel “brought an offering - fat portions from some of the firstborn of his flock". But the practice of tithing was formally instituted at Mount Sinai, wherein a tenth (from the word ‘tithe’) of harvest and flock was required under Mosaic Law. Jesus referenced tithing in a woe to the religious leaders of his day, “because you give God a tenth of your mint, rue and all other kinds of garden herbs, but you neglect justice and the love of God". In other words, Jesus assumed God’s people would tithe but he also exposed the importance of one’s motivation and intent.


We want our giving to be motivated by the same generosity Christ demonstrated on the cross, NOT compulsion or guilt, but of love and gratitude which is rooted in His grace - He loved first, He gave first. Just as God gave in extravagant ways, let us give generously: “But since you excel in everything—in faith, in speech, in knowledge, in complete earnestness and in the love we have kindled in you—see that you also excel in this grace of giving.” (2 Corinthians 8:7)

ways you can donate:



Simply drop the donation in the offering box which is located in the back of the sanctuary. 

You can give your offerings via Zelle - It is simple, quick, and free! Our email is



Please send the offering to: 

283 E Duncan St

Columbus, OH 43202