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Why 'young timothy'?

“Where are young Timothys in this twenty-first century?” – John Stott


Our church's name was inspired by the New Testament example of Paul who was a mentor to Timothy, a young leader in the church (2 Timothy 2:1-7, 4:7). Paul wanted to see Timothy live out the meaning of his name, "honoring God." The older apostle urges Timothy to follow his example of a Christian life as illustrated by a good soldier of Jesus Christ, a well-trained athlete, and a hardworking farmer.  It is also our desire to raise up disciples who honor God with their lives and pass on the gospel of His grace to the next generation in accordance with the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19). Additionally, the word ‘young’ also carries a connotation of a little lamb according to Jesus’ challenge to Peter in John 21:15. God wants us to be ‘strong’ in His grace but at the same time to take care of His ‘weak’ lambs to grow healthy and strong enough to serve the Lord. Hence the name “Young Timothy." It sums up our church’s vision and mission statements and core values.


Celebrating Gospel-centered lives as committed catalysts for Christ


Leading one another into a growing relationship with Christ

Core Values
  • First Things First (Matt 6:33)

  • Celebrating Transformed Lives (Luke 10:17-22)

  • Committed to Excellence (Matt 5:16; 2 Cor 8:7)

  • Serve with Love (Matt 20:28)

our Leadership Team

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